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New Product Spotlight

Anchor Wall Systems – Booth 21038

Highland Stone® 2.0 Freestanding Wall System: The Highland Stone® freestanding wall system is remarkably versatile creating curved and straight seat walls with a labor-saving installation design. Combined with the coordinating retaining wall system and columns or as a stand-alone element this wall creates inviting outdoor spaces.
Highland Stone® 2.0 Freestanding Wall System
Sterling™ Wall System

Anchor Wall Systems – Booth 21038

Sterling™ Wall System: Description: The Sterling™ wall system is a versatile solution for every landscape. Installation is simple with an easy to locate pin system and a battered retaining wall. This unique block can also be split to make a two-sided unit for a freestanding wall system and column units. The straight split texture provides an aesthetically pleasing landscape design wall.

Anchor Wall Systems – Booth 21038

Diamond Pro® PS Quarried Face: Description: Architects and engineers choose the Diamond Pro® retaining wall system to create flexible, cost effective solutions for a broad range of large commercial, municipal and residential retaining wall projects. Contractors choose Diamond Pro wall systems due to their time-tested strength. Diamond Pro PS utilizes a pin system as a location device in installation. Get the look of natural stone with a design inspired by unearthing or excavating stone.
Diamond Pro® PS Quarried Face
Agilina Plank

Belgard – Booth 20046

Agilina Plank: Provides a natural look in multiple sizes, offering more design opportunities. Ideal for patios and driveways.

FireRock Building Materials – Booth 27010

FireRock’s Concrete Pavers are a handcrafted alternative to natural stone that can be used indoors or out. Available in a variety of sizes, colors and thicknesses.

FireRock Building Materials

Granulati Zandobbio SpA – Booth 26004

SUPER HARD KERAMIK 3 CM: The solid porcelain paver product, characterized by a high breaking strength, can bear heavy load when laid on gravel.

Granulati Zandobbio SpA – Booth 26004

STONE GRES: Stepping stones made of porcelain, durability guaranteed with great aesthetic features for your garden design.

Granulati Zandobbio SpA – Booth 26004

L’ALTRA PIETRA: The widest range of full body sintered stone paving for high-end outdoor applications in 2 cm thickness

Hunter Industries – Booth 23003

HCC: Bring the online power of HydrawiseTM to commercial projects with Hunter's brand-new HCC controller.

Hunter Industries – Booth 23003

MP-L: The minimalist aesthetics of the ultra-modern M-PL path light enhance contemporary installations.

iQ Power Tools – Booth 24011

The iQMS362 Masonry Saw eliminates the dust cloud, allowing workers to increase their efficiency and productivity while staying compliant with the new OSHA regulations. The iQMS362 features the following industry firsts: 16.5” Q-Drive blade with a 5.5” depth and a full 24” length of cut, IQ Power Management System allows the saw to run on 120 volts and 20 amps, 270° Dust Reduction System, 3 Stage Cyclonic Filtration, Easy Transport System includes high-flotation tires, an integrated Stand with powered lifting/lower mechanism, Unmatched cutting speed, and OSHA Silica PEL compliant.

iQMS362 Masonry Saw
Keystone Compac® III–Medley Wall

Keystone Hardscapes – Booth 20016

Keystone Compac® III–Medley Wall: Favored by specifiers, it features an ashlar aesthetic with the efficiencies of a single size 3-unit-face system

Keystone Hardscapes – Booth 20016

Eco-CityLock® L-10 Paver System: Permeable 2-pc paver system with interlocking joint design creates contemporary look; for mechanical installation

Eco-CityLock® L-10 Paver System
Eco-CityLock® 5”x10” Paver

Keystone Hardscapes – Booth 20016

Eco-CityLock® 5”x10” Paver: Interlocking joint permeable paver with contemporary look, minimal bond line creep; for mechanical installation

Keystone Hardscapes – Booth 20016

Stonegate® Country Manor® Wall: Elegant weathered stone 3-pc system for gravity/freestanding walls, fireplace, fire pit, kitchen, benches & more
Stonegate® Country Manor® Wall
Murino™ Wall

Keystone Hardscapes – Booth 20016

Murino™ Wall: 2-piece wall system with cap has 3-finished sides and delivers design versatility, easy installation, striking look

Keystone Hardscapes – Booth 20016

Stonegate® Country Manor®–Contemporary Wall: Modern sleek-looking 3-pc system perfect for gravity/freestanding walls, fireplaces, fire pits, kitchens and more

Stonegate® Country Manor®–Contemporary Wall

Moon Visions Lighting – Booth 28038

LB10-22W-12V: Our new 12VAC LED light bars available in 5K or 3.5K are the clear choice for Exterior High-Power Illumination!

Natural Paving USA Inc. – Booth 22048

Natural Stone Counter Tops: Hand-cut 6x3ft sandstone Counter Tops, calibrated to 2” thick, available in grey and buff.
Natural Stone Counter Tops
ClifRock Ovations Fire Pit

Nicolock – Booth 25046

ClifRock Ovations Fire Pit: Nicolock’s Ovation Fire Pit is the newest innovation in outdoor fire features. Made with ClifRock vertical masonry technology, this unit is designed for all weather conditions, quick to assemble and can be placed on any outdoor surface, including decks. Choose texture, color, top and fire style to create unique solutions in no time. See more at
Quick-E-Adjustable Drain

Pave Tool Innovators – Booth 29017

Quick-E-Adjustable Drain: Save a tremendous amount of time with the Quick-E-Adjustable Drain! The Adjustable Drain is ideal for any patio installation. When installing the drain, set the height of the drain close to finish grade. It doesn’t need to be exact because it can be adjusted once the pavers are in. Also, overtime, the pavers tend to settle around the drain causing water to puddle up around it. With the Adjustable Drain, just remove the decorative top, and adjust the drain up or down as needed. No need to pull out the pavers around the drain and re-grade!

Pressure-Pro, Inc. – Booth 20004

Dirt Laser Series: The Dirt Laser series offers five prosumer pressure washers to tackle the most rigorous of cleaning jobs.
Dirt Laser Series
Old World Tabby Porcelain Paver

Savannah Surfaces – Booth 27005

Old World Tabby Porcelain Paver: Our OWT Porcelain combines the look of oyster & mixed shell to create a beautiful, unique product.

SRW Products – Booth 23054

Pavermate Z3: Zero Dust. Zero Haze. Zero Problems. With clear polymer technology and fast activation, Z3 is a game changer.
Pavermate Z3
SmartSand Polymeric Sand

Techniseal – Booth 20038

SmartSand Polymeric Sand: A new NO HAZE polysand for interlocking pavers with joints up to 1" – ASTM C144 compliant.

Techo-Bloc Midwest Corp. – Booth 26046

Dry-cast HD2 Collection: Techo-Bloc sets the bar higher with its HD2 technology. We fused coarse and fine grain high-quality aggregates to create the ultimate combination of strength, durability, color, and texture. We took an already great product further by making Blu available in HD2, providing an array of properties that will ensure the ultimate in value for your clients.
Dry-cast HD2 Collection
CFBO280 Octagonal CROSSFIRE™ Brass Burner

Warming Trends, Booth 26007

CFBO280 Octagonal CROSSFIRE™ Brass Burner: Octagonal CROSSFIRE™ Brass Burners utilize cutting-edge jet technology to produce a taller, brighter, fuller flame, replicating a natural, dancing, wood burning fire - all while consuming less gas. CFBO280 shown.

VPR 450

Weber MT, Inc. – Booth 26022

VPR 450: The VPR 450 is Weber MT’s newest innovation and has been designed specifically for the challenging task of compacting large slabs and pavers. It rolls over the delicate surfaces of the pavers with exceptional ease and gentleness. This smooth mode of operation embeds the product properly, while preventing shifting, cracking or chipping. At the same time, the VPR 450 greatly minimizes dust that is usually created from compacting polymeric jointing sands. Lastly, the rubber coated rollers

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