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Friday, October 18

Hear from one of the countries most informed economists.

Brian Beaulieu

More Growth – More People – More Business

We all manage business cycles, but it is also important to keep your sights on the underlying reality of ongoing growth in the U.S. economy. Our economic system is geared for growth unless obstacles are put in our way. Our population is growing. And, business opportunities are expanding for those willing to take risks, act and trust in a good decade ahead. Join economic expert Brian Beaulieu to learn about the state of the economy and how it relates to our industry so you can stride boldly into the future.

One of the country’s most informed economists, Brian Beaulieu has been with ITR Economics since 1982 and its CEO since 1987. At ITR, Brian has driven applied research with regard to business-cycle trend analysis and implemented that research at the practical, company level. For the past 35 years, he has been leading workshops and seminars across the US and Canada for thousands of business owners and executives.

Prior to joining ITR Economics, Brian served as an economist for the US Department of Labor, where he worked on the health-care component of the Consumer Price Index. Brian has coauthored, with Alan Beaulieu, the books “Prosperity in the Age of Decline,” “Make Your Move,” and, for children, “But I Want It!”